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“At MadCow Vapors, we set out to create a unique vaping experience with your inputs in mind. From the beginning, we listened to your feedback and implemented changes along the way to make each and every flavor the best. Our goal is and always will be to provide an amazingly flavorful, high quality vape at an extremely affordable price. Our lines of juice can be found at many local vape shops, and we also partner exclusively online with Vapers Hero LLC.In the past we sold our product directly to the public. But as the trade has began to change, we decided to sell our product to retailers and wholesalers only. Our current only online retailer is http://www.VapersHero.com – They have agreed to keep their prices low, their shipping fast and and our┬ácustomers their top priority. Be sure to check them out. Same great flavors, same great prices, super fast shipping, fast customer service and all of the e-Liquid is fully steeped and ready to vape!

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