About Us

Here you can find a little more information about our company and how our e-Liquid is made.

What we do: MadCow Vapors is an independent company operating online in Crittenden, KY. We take pride in our products, in what we do, and in our customers. We use the best ingredients available, stand by our product and are always looking for ways to improve. Sure, the “name brands” are flashy, have allot of media attention and they seem to be “trusted”, but just as any other market, big and flashy doesn’t always mean better! Instead of investing money into flashy labels, catchy jingles and all that hype, we invested our time and money into creating truly unique and astounding flavors. Plus, we use the purest ingredients available to ensure a one of a kind vaping experience.

IngredientsWe only use a 100% pure, Vegan, USP Vegetable Glycerin and/or 100% pure USP polypropylene glycerol base. Our flavors are USP food/candy flavors, never any alcohol extracts, artificial sweeteners, dyes or preservatives. Our nicotine is of the highest quality that undergoes rigorous testing and is of USP grade.

Work EnvironmentOur line is made in a sanitary, controlled room with HEPA filtration and specially designed procedures for cleaning and the prevention of cross contamination and or contaminants. We follow strict guidelines and even practice medical procedures for cleanliness/sterilization.

SteepingOur line is steeped for around 1 week before it is shipped. We strive to deliver the absolute best product without the big cost. In part with doing so, we do not keep a large stock of product on hand, as this cuts costs down which the savings are passed on to you. We ask that you allow your juice to steep for 3-5 days before vaping, some flavors may need a little longer than others, an instruction pamphlet will be included with your purchase.

Note from the adminWe love what we do! And we truly love our customers. That’s why we offer probably the best customer service you’ve ever dealt with before. We believe that vaping is a wonderful idea, with a wonderful impact on our lives, and we hate seeing people spending so much money for good quality juice, when they simply don’t have to! That’s where we came in, we wanted to change the game, we wanted to create a product that was as good, if not better than, all of the larger brands but at a much, much cheaper price. And then there’s shipping, we don’t feel it’s your responsibility to pay to have your order delivered, it’s just not practical. So we opted to offer free shipping with every order, it doesn’t matter how big or small, it’s still free! Thank you all for being a valuable customer with MadCow Vapors, and thank you all who are about to become a customer for life!!